Why do we feed raw?
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Raw is about feeding dogs properly. The aim is to maximize the health, longevity and reproductive capacity of pets and by so doing, minimize the need for veterinary intervention. How do you feed a dog properly? You feed it the diet that it evolved to eat. It’s evolutionary diet. A Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet.  The raw diet is simple in philosophy and construction. It looks at the diet of a wild or feral animal and mimics that type of feeding regime using available whole raw foodstuffs. The diet may be enhanced with various supplements. Once the principles are understood, anybody can do this. No great education is required. Dogs rely on bones as a major part of their diet for a variety of reasons including teeth cleaning and the myriad of benefits which flow from that together with the nutritional attributes of bones and their their psychological benefits.The philosophy behind is that the diet a dog evolved to eat - over many millions of years of evolution - is the best way to feed it. This is the hypothesis accepted by most modern zoos or any zoologist concerned with preserving a species of an endangered animal. It is not the theory endorsed by most pet food companies or the people they train - and that includes unfortunately - many vets. If you want to feed your dog raw, it means not feeding your dog cooked and or processed food. That is, not feeding your dog a diet based on cooked grains, no matter how persuasive the advertising. Artificial grain based dog foods cause innumerable health problems. They are not what your dog was programmed to eat during its long process of evolution.A biologically appropriate diet for a dog is one that consists of raw whole foods similar to those eaten by the dogs' wild ancestors. The food fed must contain the same balance and type of ingredients as consumed by those wild ancestors. This food will include such things as muscle meat, bone, fat, organ meat and vegetable materials and any other "foods" that will mimic what those wild ancestors ate. Please note that modern dogs of any breed are not only capable of eating the food of their wild ancestors, but actually require it for maximum health. This is because their basic physiology has changed very little with domestication despite obvious and dramatic changes in their current physical appearance and mindset.      
*Excerpts taken from BARF WORLD

All Mojave Dobermans are weaned on and fed Artisan Raw Dog Food out of Calgary,Alberta
For more information:
Beauty, Intelligence, Loyalty
We choose to feed raw. We use Artisan, We Rock Raw and chicken backs from a locally sourced plant. 

If our owners are not comfortable with raw we recommend 
Acana and Orijen kibble.

Raw must be fed right with the best possible ingredients. If you want to learn how we will guide you through the process of raising your puppy on raw.